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Photo by Pat Moran

Action/Adventure is proud to present Captured By Aliens! a new late night semi-improvised serial exploring our mutual obsessions with Reality TV and Sci-Fi. Six reality show contestants arrive at a house a bit sluggish, but ready to get their game on in hopes of winning the title of Best Human Ever. They quickly learn, with a look out the window, that they’re not in the Real World anymore. In fact they’ve been abducted by aliens and are forced to compete for the ultimate prize: their life. Confessionals. Challenges. The Judging Panel (complete with Celebrity Guest Judges). Alliances. “I’m not here to make friends.” It’s all there with new twists. Will the contestants get back to Earth? What do the Aliens really want? Will the Yuppie and the Hipster double cross each other? All these questions and more will be answered in Captured By Aliens! Each week brings a new episode in the continuing saga, complete with recaps, audience voting, live video feed, music and live sound effects, and puppets. That’s right. Puppets.

Episode One: January 21st-23rd

Episode Two: January 28th-30th

Episode Three: February 4th-6th

Episode Four: February 11th-13th

Fridays and Saturdays at 10:30pm, Sundays at 8pm

Theater! Theatre! 3430 SE Belmont St.

$30 Four Week Pass, $12 per Episode, $2 off for every previous episode seen

Fridays are always Pay What You Will

Advance tickets are available through Box Office Tickets. Because we love you we have absorbed the normal handling fee, so your ticket price will never be higher than advertised. In addition, we have also left an option for you to round up your payment in the form of a donation to us if you would like. For tickets go HERE!

For reservations email actionadventuretheater@gmail.com or call 503.308.8679

Captured By Aliens! will be presented as a part of the 2011 Fertile Ground, a City-Wide Festival of New Work. We at Action/Adventure are happy to be selling Fertile Ground Passes, which grant admission to all Fertile Ground projects throughout the 10-day festival, and if you buy a Fertile Ground Pass through Action/Adventure we will give you a Four-Week Pass to Captured By Aliens! for free! Half the proceeds will go directly to Action/Adventure so it is a great way to support us and have access to all of the fantastic events of Fertile Ground.

Fertile Ground Passes are $50 and can purchased through Action/Adventure here.

Photo by Pat Moran